Reasons for Joining a Rugby Club

Like soccer and cricket, rugby is also popular in many parts of the world. If you are interested in playing rugby, then you need to join a rugby club. Here are some major reasons for it.


Joining a rugby club and practicing regularly can lead to a fit body. Rugby is an intense game of 80 minutes. It gives a full-body workout. You need to run around the field with the ball and this is a very good workout.

Meeting teammates

Rugby is a team sport and winning requires collective effort. So, when you join a rugby club, you become part of a team.

This helps in socialising and understanding each other. You will have a great time gossiping with them in between practice sessions. You will learn many things from your teammates that can help you perform better.

Become a better player

Practicing rugby with your neighbours in the garden won’t take you further. You need a formal coach to train you. By joining a rugby club, you get trained under a professional coach.

So, you learn the right skills needed to become a better rugby player. Also, competitions take place in the club. So, teams compete against each other. This helps to form a competitive mind and an urge to perform better.

By joining a rugby club, you become part of a family of people who are also passionate about rugby like you. You will get better with practice and will be able to stay fit and healthy all the time. Try to find a reputable rugby club in your area and join the club if you are serious about rugby.