How to Join a Rugby Club

To become a good rugby player, it is necessary to join a rugby club. The clubs teach players skills that they cannot learn on their own. Here you will get guidance on how to become a member of a rugby club.

Clear up misconceptions

It is a misconception that you need to be fit to play rugby. Also, many people say that you need to do vigorous exercise to improve your running and other skills. This is also not true. All you need to do is do regular exercise for staying healthy.

This way you won’t feel any muscle cramp during your rugby sessions at the club. You need to be physically active.

Buy basic gear

Before joining a rugby club you should buy a pair of boots, a gum shield, rugby shorts, socks, and a rugby jersey. If you can join your first rugby session in proper dress up, then you will get into the mood of playing rugby. Some clubs demand that you put on club shorts or socks.

Learn the rules

If you are new to rugby, then you need to know some basic rules. You can visit the IRB site and read the rules, or you can watch several rugby matches to get familiar with the game. You don’t need any special skills to join the rugby clubs. The coaches will teach you from scratch.

Find a good rugby club

You can join your local rugby club, that way you won’t have to be concerned about travelling long distances. But you must make sure that the coach is well experienced. In such a case, you can look in other places near your area to find a club with a good coach. You can ask your friends and colleagues for references.

There is no strict prerequisite to joining a rugby club. So, if you are interested, you can simply fill in the membership form and join the club.