How Coaches Prepare for Rugby Tournaments

Rugby tournaments are exciting, at the same time the players suffer from anxiety. In club tournaments, the coaches have a huge responsibility. Rugby is an intense match, and the competitive spirit sometimes creates nervousness among the players. Here are some ways the coach can prepare for the club tournament.

Set the standards

As the coach of the team, you should set the standards before the players head off in different directions on the field. You should set some rules that the players must follow during the match. Tell them some positive words.

This will uplift the spirit of the players.

Take care of yourself

You will find many coaches chasing after the players, without taking care of themselves. This shouldn’t be the case. As a coach, you should be careful about your health. You should eat good food and drink and keep yourself hydrated all the time. You need to stay energised all the time.

Fix meeting times

Before the tournament regular meetings must be held. You should call the players at least 20 minutes before the practice sessions and do some warm-ups. You can talk about what they can expect at the practice session and what skills they need to work on.

Eat light and drink early

Players should drink plenty of fluid before the tournament. You should encourage the players to drink fluid throughout the day. If the players lose body weight due to dehydration, then it can affect their performance. The players must eat light food so that the food is digested well.

Focus on the present

Just focus on the upcoming match. Don’t think about a tournament that is scheduled to take place after months. You should not set high targets. Start the game positively and move on as it happens. If you have high targets and things don’t work well within the first few minutes, then you will feel extreme pressure.

As a coach, you have a lot of responsibility. You should try to stay calm and handle every situation that may come your way. You should always keep the players motivated.